Happy Birthday/Buon compleanno Max Veneziano
Max is from Italy, is 6’2”, 190 lbs., 9.5” u/c and versatile. Max is one of the most gifted performers I have ever worked with. This is one of the hottest cock and perfect ass you will ever experience.

Strangers in Prague 2 - Scene 5: Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Marco Rubi, Tomas Friedel
Tomas spots the guys on the street and entice them in. They all strip down and begin sucking on each others fat cocks. The sucking leads to a suck train with a hot rim job on the end. Tomas then plows Marco raw while Wagner and Diego flip fuck each other skin on skin. http://sbgw6siaqkh.kristenbjorn.com/web/model/video/detail-1334-Strangers-in-Prague-2-Scene-5-Wagner-Vittoria-Diego-Lauzen-Marco-Rubi-Tomas-Friedel

Happy Birthday/feliz cumpleaños Rafael Sanchez
Rafael is from Dominican Republic, is 5’9”, 155 lbs., 8.5”(21.5cms) and versatile. Rafael is a quiet kind of guy, yet his cock was always hard, horny and ready for action. Can you keep up?

The Secret Gift Chp.6 Milos Zambo, Mattias Solich & Donato Reyes
Donato has turned a not so great morning into a fantastic day with the plumber and locksmith. Now Milos and Mattias get creative and fuck Donato’s ass long and hard until all 3 men explode their huge loads of cum. http://www.kristenbjorn.com/web/model/video/detail-1349-The-Secret-Gift-Chapter-6

Casting Couch: Sergio Serrano, Mateo Stanford
Mateo is feeling horny today and is hungry for Sergio’s giant cock. Sergio and Mateo suck each other’s cocks before Sergio flips Mateo and eats his ass before plowing his ass deep and hard. http://www.kristenbjorn.com/web/model/video/detail-1365-Casting-Couch-324-Sergio-Serrano-Mateo-Stanford

FIRST TIME, Parts 1&2 - David Kadera, Robin Sanchez, Julio Rey
Robin loves David and he also loves the feel of other cocks in his hungry mouth and wet ass. Robin meets up with Julio and he agrees to assist Robin. Together they convince David that 2 mouths and 2 cocks are always double the pleasure. http://kristenbjorn.com/web/model/video/detail-1313-Making-of-First-Time-2-Scene-5

Action 2 - Scene 5 Jean Franko & Hugo Martin
Jean is struggling to keep his career vibrant, so he seduces Hugo to help him by starring in a film. Jean conducts a screen test and fucks Hugo’s tight ass with his fat cock. Both career’s reached a new high! http://sbn0n13jbbn.kristenbjorn.com/web/model/video/detail-1041-Action-2-Scene-5

Casting Couch: Brad Hern, Rodrigo Calas
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Happy Birthday/feliz aniversário Luciano Prado
Luciano is from Brazil, is 6’1”, 200 lbs., 9”
uncut and versatile. Luciano has starred in Pride, Tropical Adventure,
Orgies, Horns of Plenty, Chain Bangers and a variety of Casting Couches.

Skin Deep Part 1 Sc.8 Armando del Toro & Alex Ribeiro
The rumor is that Armando got his name “del Toro” because his balls rival that of any bull. Alex is Armando’s body guard and is there all the time to see to his needs. Unloading that huge balls sac is a full time job! http://kristenbjorn.com/web/model/video/detail-1050-Skin-Deep-1-Scene-8