Men In The City - The Portrait: Jalil Jafar, Marco RubiMarco gets his portrait drawn by Jalil, but has no money to pay with, so he pays with his hot ass. Marco licks and savors Jalil’s hairy pecs and pits before moving down to his huge, throbbing cock. Jalil and Marco flip fuck each other until Marco releases his creamy load with Jalil’s cock still pounding away at his ass. Jalil then unleashes his world famous, unending streams of geyser force cum. Payment accepted!

Happy Birthday/feliz cumpleaños Aritz San Juan
Aritz is from Spain, is 5″9″, 165 lbs., 7.5 
uncut and versatile. Aritz starred in Skin Deep Part 1&2 and
various Casting Couches. See why his sexy good looks make him so desirable.

Madrid Stories - An Unexpected Visitor II: Tony Gys, Mateo Stanford
Tony and Mateo hook up, but Mateo had an unexpected surprise before his arrival. Tony & Mateo suck, rim and fuck to explosive endings, then surprise!

Casting Couch: Alex Brando, David KaderaDavid and Alex hook up on the mobile’s and turn out a wild and drenching time. When Alex arrives David is very excited to see the mountain of muscles in front of him, but when he sees the huge, raw muscle in front of him he devours it immediately. Alex flips David and spit shines his furry hole until it is primed for his throbbing cock. Alex rides David hard and raw until both men let loose and the cum flies everywhere.

First Time Part 1&2 Grabby Awards nominee
We all remember the first cock we sucked, the first one who sucked our cock, how we felt the first time someone penetrated us deep and the first ass we dominated. Re-live some of those memories or learn how to go at it for the first time.

Happy Birthday/feliz cumpleaños Ray Andres
Ray is from Cuba, is 5’10”, 180 lbs., 7.5” uncut and all top. Ray
starred in Costa Brava in the DP tagteam scene that captured everyone’s
attention and desires.

Love Addiction - Andres De La Serna & Nacho Navas
Andres and Nacho have some incredible moves in this scene. Both are
very gifted gymnasts and put those amazing moves to work in some hard
core ass pounding, rimming and sucking. See which position you could
get in and then out of!

Madrid Stories - An Unexpected Visitor I: Denis Vega, Mateo Stanford
Denis returns home on furlough to surprise his lover Mateo. Mateo has his own surprise. The guys flip suck, rim and fuck each other to mind blowing explosions!

Lover’s Lane: John Finkel, Max Toro
The cameras are rolling and John and Max let us watch them go wild. John and Max strip down and begin devouring each others cocks before some hot ass rimming. Once Max’s ass is dripping wet John pounds his ass raw then sprays his ass with his hot load. Max flips John and delivers a hot load deep inside of his ass as well.

Madrid Stories - Old Friends: Manuel Olveyra, John Rodriguez
Old friends reconnect and relive some incredible raw flip fucking, rimming, sucking and cum swapping.